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Some of our bighorn sheep units are relatively easy and very accessible with ATV’s. Other units are remote and can be physically demanding. It is key to match the unit you apply for or purchase with your expectations of the hunt. We can accommodate almost everyone’s needs and requirements. 

Sheep hunting for most people is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have some of the best sheep guides available and are committed to helping you have a successful hunt.  We have a 100% success rate on sheep hunts. 

Utah Hunting Opportunities

Desert Bighorn and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep permits/license can be obtained by: 



We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags or help you with the draw. 

Desert Bighorn Areas We Hunt: 

  • Henry Mtns Kaiparowits 

  •  East Kaiparowits 

  • West La Sal 

  • Potash/South Cisco 

  • Pine Valley 

  • San Juan, Lockhart  

  • San Juan, South San Rafael 

  • Dirty Devil San Rafael 

  • North San Rafael 

  • South Zion (early) 

  • Zion (late) 


Rocky Mountain and California Bighorn Sheep Areas We Hunt: 

  • Antelope Island 

  • Book Cliffs, South 

  • Box Elder, Newfoundland Mtn. 

  • Box Elder, Pilot Mtn. 

  • Central Mtns, Nebo/Wasatch Mtns. 

  • Fillmore, Oak Creek 

  • Nine Mile, Gray Canyon 

  • Nine Mile, Jack Creek 

UTAH Sheep
Mexico Sheep

Sonora Mexico Hunting Opportunities

We work with two different outfitters in Sonora that continually harvest great rams. Sonora offers a tremendous hunting experience for a reasonable price. You can save as much a 1/3 of the price by hunting south of the border. These tags are guaranteed so you can plan to the T without the years of applications it takes to draw a permit.  

Desert Bighorn permits can be obtained by: 


  • Landowner Tags in Sonora, Mexico 

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