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Texas is a hunter’s paradise – liberal seasons and game diversity second to none. Texas is almost completely comprised of private lands. We operate on large ranches, tailored to spot and stalk hunting and a variety of shooting situations. We have blinds and feeders that can be utilized if needed. Exotics can be hunted year-round but we prefer to hunt them during the winter months – November through March. 


Exotic Hunting Opportunities

We offer hunts for many species of animals. The list of animals is only partial as we have access to many more species. If you are interested in a particular animal, we can hunt a ranch that has some of that species. 



Armenian Mouflon  

Axis Deer  

Black Buck 


Dama Gazelle  

Fallow Deer  


Goat: Catalina, Angora European Mouflon  

Ibex, Nubian  

Markor, Bokharan   

Oryx, Scimitar Horned  

Red Sheep   

Red Stag  

Sika Deer  

Sheep, white Texas dall Sheep, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Corsican  

Transcaspian Urial   


Exotics permits can be obtained by: 

  • All that is required is an over-the-counter non-resident $48 Special Hunting License. A youth license is $7.00.  These can be obtained online at 

Texa Exotics
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