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We offer some of the best bison hunting experiences in the country!


Utah Hunting Opportunities

The Henry Mountains and Book Cliffs bison herds originated from Yellowstone National Park and were first introduced into San Rafael Desert in 1941. They have since flourished. 

In the United States there are 13 free-ranging bison herds and Utah has four of them. These animals are eligible for entry in the Boone & Crockett, Pope and Young and Longhunter record books.  Utah’s State Record bison, killed in 2012, measured 129 6/8” which would place it as the 15th largest bison ever harvested! 

Hunting wild, free-range buffalo can be challenging and it takes place in some of the prettiest county Utah has to offer. Sometimes you can shoot one close to the road and others may require horses for removal of your trophy.  

There are tags available each year to hunt the Book Cliffs and Henry Mountains.


Bison permits can be obtained by: 

We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags or help you with the draw. 


Areas We Hunt: 

  • Book Cliffs (all seasons) 

  • Henry Mtns (all seasons) 

UTAH Bison
Texas Bison

Texas Hunting Opportunities

Texas has lots of bison available to hunt. They are located on private ranches. These can be hunted anytime throughout the year but, we prefer November thru March as the weather is cooler. 


Bison permits can be obtained by: 


  • Purchasing a $48 Special Non-Resident Hunting License at  No bison permit is required. 


Areas We Hunt: 


  • Private ranches throughout the central and western part of Texas 

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