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One of the best hunts you will ever go on is a Coues whitetail. These small deer exhibit characteristics similar to both mule deer and whitetail. They live in the mountains and can be glassed up on open hillsides. When alarmed they head for thick cover and hole up. Glassing is a big part of the hunt. We sometimes sit for hours picking apart the terrain when suddenly, there is the buck you have been searching for. 

Coues whitetail is one of the easier species to harvest a record deer, especially in Sonora, Mexico. 


Arizona Hunting Opportunities

Coues Whitetail permits can be obtained by: 

  • 100% tax deductible auction permit 


We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags or help you with the draw.

Hunt Areas: Coming Soon

Arizona Coues
Mexico Coues

Sonora, Mexico Hunting Opportunities

We work with two different outfitters in Sonora that have some great Coues deer hunting. One is more desert mountain terrain and the other is in the pine/juniper mountains closer to the border of Chihuahua.  Some have newer modern accommodations and one has a home with cement floors and running water but more of a roughing it experience.  


Coues Whitetail permits can be obtained by: 


  • Landowner Tags in Sonora, Mexico 

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