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Turkey hunting is one of our favorite things to do in the Spring. The challenge of calling a big tom within shotgun or archery range is very similar to calling in elk. The weather is usually great; everything is just greening up and the toms are gobbling.  


We offer hunts for Merriams, Rio Grande and Goulds turkeys. 

Utah Hunting Opportunities

Utah has Merriams and Rio Grande Turkeys. Season dates are early May. You can apply for limited entry tags to hunt earlier than the May general seasons. 

Most of the hunting areas are accessible from trucks and ATV’s.  


Turkey permits can be obtained by: 

  • Over-the-counter general season 


We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags or help you with the draw. 


Areas We Hunt: 

  • All of the regions in Utah 

UTAH Turkey
Arizona Turkey

Arizona Hunting Opportunities

Arizona Game and Fish issues all permits through a public draw. Applications are due by the first part of October. Season dates are April 26-May 2 and May 3-23 for hunters drawing a Merriam’s or Rio Grande wild turkey tag; May 3-9 and May 10-30 for hunters drawing a Gould’s wild turkey tag. Archery season is April 26-May 30 depending upon hunt drawn by hunter.  Some archery only and youth areas are over-the-counter. 

Arizona permits can be obtained by: 

  • Arizona Draw permits 

  • 100% tax deductible auction permit 

  • Over-the-counter archery/youth 


We can assist you in obtaining auction permits or help you with the draw. 


Areas We Hunt: Soon to Come 

Wyoming Turkey

Wyoming Hunting Opportunities

Wyoming has Merriam’s turkeys. They are easier to call in than some of the other species. Season dates run from the first of April through almost the end of May. Hunting areas are accessible from trucks and ATV’s a little hiking may be required to get away from the road. 


Turkey permits can be obtained by: 

  • Over-the-counter 


Areas We Hunt: 


  • Unit 5 

Texas Hunting Opportunities

Season dates vary by county. Check local regulations for the county you plan to hunt at 

Our area where we hunt is the Rio Grande Texas South Zone. The season starts the end of March and goes through the first few days of May. You can harvest 4 birds. 


Areas We Hunt: 


  • Val Verde County 

Texas Turkey

Sonora Mexico Hunting Opportunities

The Goulds turkey hunts we offer in Mexico are phenomenal. There are lots of birds and some exceptional quality. The ranch we work with is first rate on turkey hunting. 


Turkey permits can be obtained by: 


  • Landowner tags in Sonora, Mexico 

Mexico Turkey
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