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Free Range

We hunt whitetails in Wyoming and in Texas. There is quite a bit of difference in size between the desert bucks down on the border and deer from Wyoming’s alfalfa fields. Wyoming bucks average around 160” and weigh close to 300 pounds on the largest of them. The whitetails down south average 130” and weigh 160 pounds. Body size, facial features and hide coloration are very different.  

Wyoming Whtetail free range

Wyoming Hunting Opportunities

Wyoming has a whitetail-only permit and a mule deer/whitetail, either-species permit available through drawings. Whitetail applications have to be completed before the end of May. There are no landowner permits available to purchase. You can purchase Commissioner and Governor’s licenses through various non-profit organizations, but most whitetail tags are easy to draw. 

For most areas, archery hunts are conducted in September (crossbows are legal) and rifle hunts begin in October and into November for whitetail. 

Hunting areas are accessible from trucks and ATV’s  

Generally, most of our whitetail produce 155” to 160” deer. The largest we have shot was almost 180”. 


We have large, private ranches leased.


Whitetail deer permits can be obtained by: 



  • Purchasing a Commissioner License. This tag allows the hunter to choose an area to hunt during the prescribed season. There are generally 60 of these sold through raffles our auction. Many are a tax-deductible auction permit. 


  • Purchasing a Governor’s License. This tag allows the hunter to hunt any open area during the prescribed season. There are generally 10 of these sold through auctions. Most are a tax-deductible auction permit. 


We can assist you in obtaining Commissioner and Governor’s tags or help you with the draw applications. 


Areas We Hunt: 


  • Unit 15

Texas Hunting Opportunities

Hunters can shoot two deer on our ranches. One management and one trophy. This package can be split with a youth hunter only. Kids can hunt when they are eight and licenses are $7.00! The hunts take place in late November and in December during the rut. We offer spot-and-stalk and sitting in blinds. We place corn on roads and have feeders in place to attract deer.  

  • All that is required for you to purchase is a non-resident general hunting license for $315.00. A youth license is $7.00.  These can be obtained online at 

Texas Whitetail free range
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