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Mountain lion or cougar are a unique animal, secretive and largely solitary by nature, you seldom see them in the wild. Utah allows the use of hounds to catch them, and watching dogs work out a track until they finally get the cat treed or bayed up is exciting.  We harvest some very nice cats each year. Most of our cougar hunting is from November thru March.   


Utah Hunting Opportunities

Mountain lion permits can be obtained by: 


Application periods are from mid September thru early Oct. Harvest objective areas can be purchased over-the-counter.


We can assist you in obtaining your harvest objective tag, conservation tag or help you with the draw. 


Areas We Hunt: 


Chalk Creek- Kamas 


Henry Mountains 

East Canyon 

Morgan South Rich 


Wasatch Mtns, Currant Creek-North 


Box Elder Pilot 

Box Elder Desert 

Box Elder, Raft River 

Fillmore, Pahvant 


Mt Dutton 

Plateau, Fishlake 

West Desert, Tintic-Vernon 

Book Cliffs 

Fillmore, Oak Creek 

Henry Mtns 

La Sal 

Pine Valley, North 

Plateau, Thousand Lakes 

Southwest Desert 

West Desert, Mtn Ranges 


UTAH Cougar
Wyoming Cougar

Wyoming Hunting Opportunities

Mountain lion permits can be obtained by: 



Areas We Hunt: 


  • Unit 3 

  • Unit 5 

  • Unit 7 

  • Unit 9 

  • Unit 10 

  • Unit 11  

  • Unit 12 

  • Unit 17 

  • Unit 31 

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