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Mountain goat hunting has the same mystic as hunting bighorn sheep. They live in the rough, alpine mountain tops. Sometimes they are in such rough country that hunters must wait for them to move to become accessible for retrieval. 


Utah Hunting Opportunities

The largest mountain goat harvested in the lower 48 states was shot in Utah. In fact, the largest goats killed with a Bow, Muzzleloader and Rifle, for the lower 48 states, were all killed in Utah!  There are several units in Utah that access to the mountain tops can be gained in a truck or ATV. From here, you can hunt along the top of the mountain on foot or motorcycle. Others require considerable effort on foot or on horseback. 

Mountain goat season runs from mid-August to early September with a bow, followed by a rifle season that extends thru the end of October on some units and the end of November on others.  

Mountain goat permits/license can be obtained by: 


Utah mountain goat tags can be obtained through a drawing (applications are due in early March) and conservation auctions taking place in February and March. 

We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags and applications in the lottery drawing. 

Areas We Hunt: 

  • Beaver 

  • La Sals 

  • Mt. Dutton 

  • Ogden, Willard Peak 

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