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(Barbary Sheep)


Often referred to as “the poor man’s sheep hunt”, aoudad are a challenging, exciting species to chase. The majority of our aoudad hunts are free-range. These animals have eyesight second-to-none and can really absorb the energy from a bullet. Shot placement is critical. The only times we have lost a ram is with poor bullet placement. 

Texas Hunting Opportunities

The hunts are spot and stalk. We tailor the hunt to the clients needs. Some people can’t put on the miles like others so we have a little something for everyone. 


Aoudad rut in late September and October. We conduct most of our hunts in December thru early March. 

Aoudad permits can be obtained by: 

  • All that is required is an over-the-counter non-resident $48 Special Hunting License. A youth license is $7.00.  These can be obtained online at 

Texas Whitetail free range
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