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(High Fence)


High Fence

High-Fence whitetail is a different style of hunting. Not as easy as the TV shows make it seem but there is a wide selection of bucks available to the discriminating hunter. Price is driven by the score of the deer and there is every size you could think of! 

Texas Hunting Opportunities

These hunts are conducted on properties in the MLD system (longer seasons for landowner) and some not in that program. The style of hunting is mostly done in blinds.  

Hunt costs are as follows: 

< 160” are $3,500 

160” – 180” are $6,500 

180” – 200” are $8,500 

200” - 225” are $10,500 

225” - 250” are $11,500 

250” – 300” are $13,000 

300” plus are $15,000 

Whitetail deer permits can be obtained by: 

All that is required for you to purchase is a non-resident general hunting license for $315.00. A youth license is $7.00.  These can be obtained online at 

Texas Whitetail free range
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