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Moose hunting is one of our specialties. We have harvested many record book bulls. Moose populations have declined over the past few years but there are some top end bulls available in all of our areas. The largest bulls we have taken grossed into the 180’s. Shiras moose tags are really hard to come by. There are two ways to get a permit, apply through the lottery drawings or spend the money and purchase one of the nine tags sold at fundraising auctions.  

Utah Hunting Opportunities

Utah has some great bull moose. Moose season begins mid-September and continues through mid-October. Most of the hunting areas are accessible from trucks and ATV’s. The best areas are the Cache, Ogden River and Wasatch units. There are usually four permits sold each year at fundraising auctions. One will be the statewide tag and the others will be unit specific.  If you choose to try for the lottery drawing tags, your application has to be completed by the first part of March. 


Shiras Moose permits can be obtained by: 


We can assist you in obtaining conservation tags or help you with the drawing application. 


Areas We Hunt: 

  • Cache 

  • Kamas 

  • Ogden River 

  • Wasatch 

  • North Slope, Three Corners, west Daggett 

UTAH Moose
Wyoming Moose

Wyoming Hunting Opportunities

Wyoming is the best of all the states for moose entries in the record books. In fact, Wyoming has more records book entries than almost all the other states combined! We have a great area to hunt and most of the bulls we harvest will make the books! Moose applications for the lottery drawing need to be completed before the end of February. There are no landowner permits available to purchase. You can purchase one of the five Governor’s licenses that will be sold at auction to the highest bidder beginning in January.   

Archery hunts begin September 1st and crossbows are legal. Rifle season begins October 1st and continue through November 14th.  


Hunting areas are accessible from trucks and ATV’s and from here continued on foot. 


Shiras moose permits can be obtained by: 



  • Purchasing a Governor’s license allows the hunter to hunt any open area during the prescribed season. There are 5 of these sold through auctions. Most are a tax-deductible auction permit. 


We can assist you in obtaining a Governor’s tags or help you with the draw applications. 


Areas We Hunt: 


  • Unit 38 

  • Unit 41 

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